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Auditions will be on July 21st starting at 5pm
Call backs will be July 30th


This classic American comedy is the story of two charming and innocent ladies who populate their cellar burial ground with lonely and unhappy old men; and the antics of their manic nephews who send the plot spinning into a hilarious farce-like frenzy.


Excellent comedy timing required for all roles

Martha Brewster: (50-65) An elderly lady who is sweet, naive, and charming who knows how to make a very potent bottle of wine.

Abby Brewster: (50-65) Martha’s elderly sister, also sweet, naive, and charming, participates with Martha in their devious scheme.

Mortimer Brewster: (25-35) The youngest nephew of Abby and Martha; a drama critic who doesn’t care for the theatre. He is bright, loving, handsome, and funny. He cares deeply for his aunts. Actor must be adept at physical comedy.

Teddy Brewster: (35-45) Forty-something nephew of Abby and Martha, his elevator has not quite reached the top floor. Thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt and dresses like him too. He is the middle child of siblings Mortimer and Jonathan.

Jonathan Brewster: (35-45) Mortimer and Teddy’s murderous older brother and the oldest nephew of Abby and Martha. He is tall, intimidating, and mentally unbalanced. A sinister villain who’s botched plastic surgery has left him looking like Boris Karloff.

Dr. Einstein: (50-60) A troubled, shaky-hands, German plastic surgeon who has changed Jonathan’s face numerous times and his accomplice. Good German accent is a must.

Elaine Harper: (20-30) Mortimer’s fiancée. An attractive young woman in her 20s; she is surprisingly wise in the ways of the world.

The Reverend Dr. Harper: (50-60) Minister in his 50’s and Elaine’s father.

Officer O’Hara: (20-50) An over-eager Brooklyn male beat cop and a would be playwright who pesters Mortimer to read his play. Age is open.

Officer Brophy: (20-50) Friendly neighborhood police officer who visits the Brewster house from time to time. Age is open and could be male or female.

Officer Klein: (20-50) Police officer who visits the Brewster sisters alongside Officer Brophy. Age is open and could be male or female.

Lieutenant Rooney: (30-60) A gruff, tough minded, by the book, no nonsense Brooklyn police lieutenant.

Mr. Witherspoon: (50-70) Owner of Happy Dale Sanitarium.

Mr. Gibbs: (50-70) A would-be roomer in the Brewster home.
Directions 50 W Page Ave, Gilbert, AZ